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Capture Photos on HTC U11 Using Edge Sense

capture photos on HTC U11 using Edge Sense

HTC has announced its latest flagship HTC U11 for the year 2017 which shows the Taiwanese manufacturer is up for another round despite the bad reviews its last couple of devices received. HTC U11 comes with a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Under the hood are Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 process, 6 GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. All these specs aside, what makes HTC U11 interesting is the Edge Sense feature. Before we shed some light on this feature, here’s a glimpse of what this article is all about. We will help you capture photos on HTC U11 using Edge Sense feature.

At the moment it is too early to say whether this feature will be useful or not but one thing is certain, selfie lovers will be happy to have it. The Edge Sense feature will enable users to squeeze the metal frame of HTC U11 and launch any pre-setup app, cool isn’t it? Through this post, we will help you set up the camera app with Edge Sense feature. This way you will be able to capture photos easily.

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Now if you have got the idea about Edge Sense feature let’s get to the instructions revealing how to capture photos on HTC U11 using Edge sense without further ado.

How to Capture Photos on HTC U11 Using Edge Sense

Edge Sense comes with two gestures, quick squeeze and squeeze and hold. You can setup two different apps to either of two gestures. Here’s how you can setup your camera app to Edge Sense feature.

  1. Unlock your HTC U11 and open Settings. You can also pull down the notification panel and open setting from there.
  2. Now scroll down and look for Edge Sense feature.
  3. Tap on Edge Sense feature to expand its options.
  4. From the options select quick squeeze to edit. You can also choose squeeze and hold gesture for the camera app.
  5. Now select the camera app.
  6. That’s it.


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