Fix Galaxy S6 Unresponsive Screen After Nougat Update

Samsung has released the latest flagship Galaxy Note 8 in its full glory and therefore, it isn’t surprising to see the focus tilted towards the latest crown jewel. However, amidst the release of this year’s flagships, the issues related to the previous models appears to be overlooked. Many of the Samsung users own Galaxy S6 and are content with it. Since Google‘s Android Oreo OS was pushed already in the market, Samsung decided to throw the Nougat update for the Galaxy S6 users. The update was OTA therefore, most of the users have updated their devices. Although the update brought Android 7.0 Nougat to Galaxy S6 users, we saw a considerable number of users claiming about the issues that came with it. Galaxy S6 unresponsive screen after Nougat update is the most reported issue. Therefore, in this guide, we will address it and will present the possible solutions.

While the unresponsiveness of screens isn’t faced by every user yet there are many who are facing this issue. According to many of such users, while they are using their Galaxy S6 devices, suddenly in the middle of some action, the screen becomes unresponsive. Only Volume, Power and Home keys respond to this issue. Since almost every user has observed this issue after the Nougat update, we can establish that it is a software related issue. However, at this point, we are not sure which software related thing is causing this error.

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An apparent solution would be to revert back to the previous version of OS by uninstalling the Nougat update. However, before you go for that, it is better you apply few things that we have mentioned. In case all fail to solve the Galaxy S6 unresponsive screen issue, you can revert back to the previous firmware.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Unresponsive Screen After Nougat Update

It is recommended that you Force Reboot your Galaxy S6 before heading to any other method. It might be a small thing but if it solves the issue, you will save your precious time.To force restart your device, press and hold Power + Volume Down keys for about 10 seconds.

Boot in Safe Mode

At times we ignore the possible things that could cause the issues. It is most likely possible that a third-party app is responsible for the Galaxy S6 unresponsive screen issue. To check if any third-party application is responsible for the issue boot your Galaxy S6 into safe mode.

  1. Turn your Galaxy S6 Off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, let go of Power key but at the same time press and hold Volume Down key.
  4. When the phone restarts and displays Safe Mode message, release the Volume Down key.
  5. You are in Safe mode.

If the issue is fixed, it indicates that the issue was due to the third-party applications. Uninstall the apps that you think could cause such issue.

Wipe/Clear Cache Partition

Things as simple as clearing the cache can sometimes fix issues. Here’s how you can wipe cache partition in Galaxy S6.

  1. Turn Off your Galaxy S6.
  2. Now Press and Hold Home + Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, let go of the Volume Up key while at the same time press Volume Down Key.
  4. This will put your device in recovery mode.
  5. Use Volume Up and Down keys to navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” option.
  6. Press the Power key to select the option and clear the cache partition.

If the wiping the caches was of no use, you can perform the factory reset before trying anything else.


Make sure to create a backup of your data before you perform the factory reset as it wipes everything in the internal storage.

Perform Factory Reset

  1. Turn Off your Galaxy S6.
  2. Now Press and Hold Power + Volume Up + Home keys at the same time until Android appears on the screen.
  3. When it does, let go of the keys.
  4. Here, use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate to the wipe data/factory reset option.
  5. Use the Power key to select the option.
  6. You will be asked to confirm. Again use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate and Power to select Yes- delete all user data.
  7. Then use the Power key to select Reboot system now.

Revert to Previous Firmware

To check if it really is the Nougat firmware that’s freezing the Galaxy S6 screens, you can install the previous (Marshmallow) firmware on your device.

  1. Use the provided link and download the firmware for your device. → Download Firmware
  2. Extract (unzip) the firmware file.
  3. Setup Odin on your PC. → Download
  4. Launch Odin.
  5. Reboot your Galaxy S6 into download mode.
  6. Press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down keys to boot into download mode.
  7. Connect your device to PC via a USB cable.
  8. Upon recognizing the device, Odin will show the message Added in the log box.
  9. Click on AP / PDA button and select the firmware file that you extracted earlier.twrp recovery on galaxy s8
  10. Under the options tab, make sure Re-partition option is unchecked (not selected).
  11. Click on Start button, sit back while Odin installs the previous firmware.

Even after flashing the previous version of Android, you are facing the Galaxy S6 unresponsive screen issue, it is time you take your device to a technician.

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