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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues

Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues

Arguably Galaxy A7 2017 is one of the best mid-range available at the moment. Despite being released in 2015, many users across the world find Galaxy A7 2017 to be good enough to prefer it over other mid-range devices. Galaxy A7’s latest 2017 version was released back in January and happened to be a worthy contender among mid-range devices. When it comes to performance and features, Galaxy A7 turns out to be the cheaper and pared down version of Galaxy S7. Among Galaxy A7 2017’s most talked features are its 3600 mAh battery which allows it to remain functional for up to 22 hours. However, like any other smartphone in the market, Galaxy A7 2017 isn’t safe from the errors and issues. And it’s ironic that some of the common issues are Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues. In this guide, we will try to help you fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues.

According to most of the users, when they try to charge their Galaxy A7 2017, it doesn’t respond. One can ignore minor issues but when it comes to issues related to the battery you cannot overlook them. In case of Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues, though the phone has a monster battery but since the battery won’t charge, eventually your phone will run out of power. There could be any reason behind Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues and initially we cannot pinpoint. Therefore, we will try every possibility and will try to narrow the search and will address the problem. When it comes to issues related to charging, fixing needs an extra work as at times it is due to the hardware the phone doesn’t charge. If you have bought the latest model of Galaxy A7 2017, you can take it to the nearest store.

Do Check:

In case you want to try few tricks before taking it to the Samsung store, follow the methods provided below. In smartphones, OS turns out to be the reason behind most of the issues and errors and that’s what we will try in this guide. This basic troubleshooting could work and fix Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues, who knows.

Use Original Samsung Charger

It is always recommended that you use the original charger to charge your devices. Due to any reason you are using any other charger, thing as simple as reverting back to the original Samsung charger can fix Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues.

Connect Galaxy A7 with Computer

This method checks if it the cable that’s causing Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues or the adapter. The best way to determine is to connect your smartphone with the computer. Though the current produced by the PC’s is less but it is enough to charge the device. If your Galaxy A7 2017 starts to charge up, you need to buy a new adapter. However, if it doesn’t respond, there could be an issue with the cable. Replace the cable and try to charge the phone with adapter and without it. If you are still facing the problem, boot the device in Safe mode.

Reboot Galaxy A7 in Safe Mode

It is always recommended to boot your device in Safe mode as only pre-installed apps work in it. This allows you to inspect if it’s the third-party app that is causing the issue or not. To boot in Safe Mode;

  1. Turn your Galaxy A7 Off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, let go of Power key but at the same time press and hold Volume Down key.
  4. When the phone restarts and displays Safe Mode message, release the Volume Down key.

Once in Safe Mode, connect the charger and see if your device charges. If it charges, then the culprit is the third-party applications. It’s time to delete the app you have installed recently or you think could be the reason. Use the method given below to uninstall third-party applications from Galaxy A7 2017.

Uninstall Apps to fix Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues

  1. On the Home Screen, tap on Settings > Apps.
  2. From the apps, Tap the desired application. You can also tap 3 dots icon and then on Show system apps.
  3. Now tap Uninstall. That’s it.

Turn Off Galaxy A7 and Charge

This might seem odd but charging the device while turned Off comes handy especially if you want to determine whether the problem lies with hardware or not. Turn Off your Galaxy A7 2017 and use the original Samsung charger to charge. If the problem is firmware related, then your phone will charge just fine. If the phone charges perfectly and as soon as you turn it on, it starts to show the same problem, it is due to the firmware and you need to perform a factory reset.

Perform Factory Reset to fix Galaxy A7 2017 Charging Issues

  • Turn Off your Galaxy A7 2017.
  • Now Press and Hold Power + Volume Up + Home keys at the same time until Android appears on the screen.
  • When it does, let go of the keys.
  • Here, use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate to the wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Use the Power key to select the option.
  • You will be asked to confirm. Again use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate and Power to select Yes- delete all user data.
  • Then use the Power key to select Reboot system now.


Factory Reset takes the phone back to default settings but it wipes everything in the internal storage. Make sure to create a backup.

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