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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Issues

Galaxy S5 Charging Issues

It not surprising that your Galaxy S5 devices are getting issues lately. After sending two major updates, Samsung somehow though the users have had enough and they should move on. Well, a majority of the users are still using Galaxy S5, once the crown jewel of Korean manufacturer. On this website, from time to time, we address the issues related to the smartphone devices and their possible solutions. In the recent days, while searching for the major issues, we noticed that a significant number of users are facing Galaxy S5 charging issues. While there could be anything leading to this annoying issue, here we will try to fix it. Since Samsung hasn’t rolled out the update after Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 therefore, first, you must look for solutions on the software side.

Getting to the core of the problem could be tricky, and requires to apply and rule out the possible solutions one by one. Even though, unlike the recent Samsung smartphones, Galaxy S5’s battery is removable we cannot simply suggest to replace it with a newer one. When it comes to charging issues, there are two things i.e, slow charging and no charging at all. Since we are addressing two issue at once, we will provide the methods for both. However, it is recommended that you apply them in the provided order, to save time.

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Use the Original Samsung Charger

It is always recommended that you use the original charger to charge your devices. Due to any reason, if you are using any other charger, plug your device to the original Samsung charger and see if it fixes the issue. Here, note that even if you think the charger is fine, it is better to use the original charger.

Clean the Charging Port

Sometimes dirt or other particles affect the connection of cable with the device. Cleaning the charging port must be among the first things that you should try. Use a piece of cloth to clean and then use the compressed air to blow the dirt away. See if this works, else try the methods provided below.

Connect Galaxy S5 to Computer

This way you can check if it the cable that’s causing Galaxy S5 charging issues or the adapter. Even though the current produced by the PCs is less but it is enough to charge the device. If your Galaxy S5 starts to charge up, you need a new adapter. However, if it doesn’t respond, there could be an issue with the cable. Replace the cable and try to charge the phone with and without the adapter. If you are still facing the problem, it could be the third-party application.

Reboot Galaxy S5 in Safe Mode

In Safe mode, only pre-installed applications work. Therefore, we can determine if any third-party is causing the issue. To boot in Safe Mode;

  1. Turn your Galaxy S5 Off.
  2. Press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, let go of Power key but at the same time press and hold Volume Down key.
  4. When the phone restarts and displays Safe Mode message, release the Volume Down key.

Once in Safe Mode, connect the charger and see if the device is charging. If it charges, then the culprit is the third-party application. It’s time to delete the app you have installed recently or you think could be the reason. Use the method given below to uninstall third-party applications from Galaxy S5.

Uninstall Apps to fix Galaxy S5 Charging Issues

  1. On the Home Screen, tap on Settings > Apps.
  2. From the apps, Tap the desired application. You can also tap 3 dots icon and then on Show system apps.
  3. Now tap Uninstall. That’s it.

Turn Off Galaxy S5 and Charge

If you want to determine whether the problem lies with hardware or not, charge it while it is turned off. However, make sure that when you charge your Galaxy S5 you use the original Samsung charger to charge. If the problem is firmware related, then your phone will charge just fine whereas if you turn it on and it shows the same problem, the firmware is the culprit. The best possible solution here is to perform a factory reset.


Factory Reset takes the phone back to default settings and wipes everything in the internal storage. Make sure to create a backup first.

Perform Factory Reset to fix Galaxy S5 Charging Issues

  • Turn Off your Galaxy S5.
  • Now Press and Hold Power + Volume Up + Home keys at the same time until Android appears on the screen.
  • When it does, let go of the keys.
  • Here, use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate to the wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Use the Power key to select the option.
  • You will be asked to confirm. Again use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate and Power to select Yes- delete all user data.
  • Then use the Power key to select Reboot system now.


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