Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charging Not Working

Since the release of Samsung’s latest crown jewel, Galaxy S8 the focus has shifted from Samsung Galaxy S7, one of the best devices of last year. There is no doubt Galaxy S8 is way ahead of his predecessor but the graph of Galaxy S7 users haven’t gone down. Since the number of Galaxy S7 users is same, the issues related to it arise every now and then. In this article, we will discuss how you can fix Galaxy S7 fast charging not working issue. This issue has turned out to be a real headache, especially for time savers.

Every year displays are getting better and better and to keep them illuminated, manufacturers have to come up with better batteries. Fast charging was introduced in Galaxy S6 and has proved to be a very useful feature. Whether you have to attend a meeting or about to catch a plane, few minutes of fast charging gives you couple of battery hours. Lately, due to firmware upgrade or some other reasons user are facing Galaxy S7 fast charging not working issue.

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Anything could be the cause of Galaxy S7 fast charging not working problem and therefore, we cannot pinpoint what might be the reason. If everything else such as charger and USB cable is working properly and your device isn’t damaged, hopefully, the methods provided below will fix the problem.

Activate Fast Charging Feature

Sometimes the fast charging feature is disabled, in that case, you must activate it first.

  1. Open App Menu and Locate Battery.
  2. Tap to extend Battery options and look for Fast Charging Cable.
  3. When located, activate it.

Enable Airplane Mode

Apparently, there doesn’t seem a connection between fast charging and airplane mode but some of the users have reported that turning Airplane Mode On fixes Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charging Not Working issue.

Clear Cache Partition to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charging Not Working

In most of the issues, clearing the cache partition turned out to be very helpful. Here’s how can do it on your Galaxy S7 to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 fast charging not working issue.

  1. Turn Off your device.
  2. Now press and hold Power + Volume Up + Home keys at the same time.
  3. This will boot your Galaxy S7 into recovery mode.
  4. Once in recovery mode, navigate to Wipe Cache Partition option using the Volume Up/Down keys.
  5. Now use the Power key to select the Wipe Cache Partition.
  6. Wait while the cache is cleared and then Reboot System Now using the Power key.

Lets us know which method worked for you in the comments.

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