Install Instagram on Chinese Android Phones Without Root

With millions of active users around the world, Instagram is one of the most famous social networks. It lets you share photos and videos with your family and friends. Whether its a commoner or a celebrity, if they love to share photos, you will find Instagram on their devices. If you ever get an Android device from China, you will realize that it will be missing Instagram. That’s because of China’s policies, that the Android devices lack some of the widely used applications such as Instagram. However, that shouldn’t keep you from sharing your favorite photos and video on Instagram. Here, we will help you download and install Instagram on Chinese Android Phones.

When it comes to accessing the apps on devices with restrictions, one way is to root your device and then install the app. Though it will get you the access to the Instagram, it is a price way too much to install Instagram especially when there is another way. Yes, you can install Instagram on Chinese Android Phones without root and the method is quite easy. Following the instructions provided in the later section of this guide, you will be able to install Instagram on Chinese phones such as Huawei, Redmi, and Xiaomi.

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The provided method requires you to download the apk file of Instagram and then install it on your device. Once installed, you can use the cool filters of Instagram to make your photos perfect and share them with your loved ones. Now without further ado, follow these instructions and get Instagram on Chinese Android Phones.

How to Install Instagram on Chinese Android Phones Without Root

  1. First head over to the link and download Instagram APK.
  2. Once the download is complete, copy the file into your Chinese Android phone.
  3. Now navigate to Settings > Advance Settings > Security > Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  4. Then tap the file you copied to initiate the installation.
  5. Upon completion, launch the Instagram app.
  6. That’s it.

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