How to Install SuperSU and Root Android Devices

Android is now officially the most widely used operating system in the world and most of the tech giants use it in their smartphones. One of the thing that makes Android so much better than other operating systems is its open nature. It paves a way for developers to communicate with the OS to the deep level and come up with Custom ROMs, Custom Recoveries, and Mods. These ROMs and Mods enable you to increase the performance of your device and improve its features. However, despite Android’s open nature, you cannot just install these things on your Android devices. That’s because the manufacturers set up various restrictions. To overcome these restrictions, you need to root your devices. One of the easiest ways to get a complete root access is through SuperSU. In this guide, we will show you how to install SuperSU and root Android devices.

SuperSu or superuser is a manager application or you can say an access managing tool. Basically, once you root your device, it needs something to manage the apps as to which should be given permission. That’s what SuperSU does, enables you to keep track of the applications to which you have granted the root permissions. You can also use SuperSU to temporarily unroot your Android devices. It is due to the efforts of Chainfire that we have a flashable zip file containing the SuperSU app. Since you need a custom recovery to install SuperSU and root Android devices, we will help you install a custom recovery first.

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Custom recoveries are basically a runtime environment which helps us perform OS related tasks on our devices. At the moment, TWRP recovery is the best custom recovery for all the Android users. Let’s get to the instructions to install SuperSU and root Android devices without further ado.

How to Install SuperSU and Root Android Devices

  1. Head to the provided link and download SuperSU file.
  2. Transfer the SuperSu file that you have downloaded in step 1 to your Android device.
  3. Now install TWRP Recovery, use this guide to install TWRP Recovery on our Android device.
  4. Once the TWRP recovery is installed, boot your Android device into TWRP recovery mode. To do so;
    1. Turn Off your Android device.
    2. Press and Hold Power + Volume Up keys at the same time.
    3. When the phone turns On, let go of the Power Key.
    4. A warning message will confirm you are in recovery mode.
  5. Now in TWRP recovery, select Install and then locate the SuperSU file you transferred earlier.
  6. After selecting, swipe on the option, Swipe to Confirm Flash given at the bottom of the screen. This will start the installation process.
  7. Once SuperSU is installed, reboot your Android device.
  8. That’s it, you have installed SuperSU and got the root privileges on your Android devices.

To verify the root privileges, you can download Root Checker application from play store. Let us know if you have any query in the comments.

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