Update Sony Xperia Z2 to Android Oreo with Carbon ROM

Released back in 2014, Sony Xperia Z2 belongs to Sony’s flagship lineup. Sony released the Xperia Z2 with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and released only a couple of major updates. Since the Android OS is now officially the most widely used OS and has changed significantly via yearly upgrades, the Xperia Z2 users must be rooting for the latest version. The chances of Sony to roll out the latest Android Oreo update is very less, therefore, the best option for the Sony Xperia Z2 users is to go for the Custom ROMs and taste the Android Oreo. In this guide, we will help you update Sony Xperia Z2 to Android Oreo with Carbon ROM.

With Carbon ROM, you will not only be able to experience the latest version of Android but also get some of the exclusive features. The Xperia Z2 was released only six months after the Xperia Z1 Compact with the price tag of £545. It comes with a 5.2″ IPS LCD display, Snapdragon 801 chipset, 16 GB storage, 3 GB RAM, 20.7 MP primary camera, 2.2 MP front camera, and a 3200 mAh battery. Carbon ROM is based on Android 8.1.0, which means you will get to experience the latest Android OS features on your Xperia Z2 device.

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Installing custom ROM is not as difficult as it sounds. Through easy-to-follow instructions, we will help you update Sony Xperia Z2 to Android Oreo with Carbon ROM. However, if you are a newbie, we advise you to research before you proceed as the following method will trip the Knox.



Early Preparations

  1. Make sure the bootloader of your device is unlocked. If not, use this → guide.
  2. Create a backup of your data including pictures, contacts, and files.
  3. Charge the device to at least 60%.
  4. Head over to the link and Download Android USB Drivers.
  5. You must have Custom Recovery such as TWRP installed. Use this guide to install TWRP Recovery on Xperia Z2.
  6. Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging. To do so;
    1. Navigate to Settings > About Device.
    2. Tap the number 7 times. It will enable developer options.
    3. Head back to Settings > Developer Options.
    4. Tap on OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging to enable.


How to Update Sony Xperia Z2 to Android Oreo with Carbon ROM

  1. Transfer the downloaded files to the internal storage of your Xperia Z2 device.
  2. Now turn it off and boot it into recovery mode. To do so;
    1. Press and hold Power + Volume Up keys for few seconds.
    2. When the manufacturer logo appears, let go of the keys. You will end up in recovery mode.
  3. In recovery mode, tap on Wipe and select Wipe Data > Cache And Dalvik Cache via recovery.
  4. After wiping the data, navigate back to the main menu of TWRP recovery and tap on Install.
  5. Select the ROM file you copied in the internal storage and initiate installation by swiping to right.
  6. Following the similar procedure install GApps that you downloaded earlier.
  7. After flashing, reboot the device by tapping on Reboot > System.

Since it’s the first boot after installing a custom ROM, it will take some time. If you are having any issue, let us know via comments.

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